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Things are looking grim. The Hamas attack on our Israel this year was similar to the Al-Quaida attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in the 911 attacks of 2001. However our Israel only numbers 16mn compared to the full military might of 333mn or so in America. But I am the only resident of Offshore Jersey CI to have ever almost completed the formalities of Israeli immigration. I only have the DBS check and my interview to go. Hamas is a terrorist network and terrorist networks are all run by something called Terrorism Financing (TF). TF deploys exactly the same skills as money laundering, which I have been a victim of since 1977, and Offshore Jersey CI is the main offshore center of London, which is widely accepted now as the global epicenter of money laundering. So I am in the right place at the right time to assist Israel and expedite my citizenship application to Israel. Because I have been laundered here for almost 50 years now since I was a young and tender 15 and 1/2 and also live here now and have done for decades I probably know intimately dozens of TFs and in particular dozens of Hamas TFs. My theory is that this website will get read by the Knesset and Mossad. So I am earning a life, not just earning a living with it. Presently I am offline and my internet traffic is going to a charity website apart from the lawyer traffic that goes to my two lawyer websites. I am an Associate Patent Adjudicator, but technology is never slick, and fluid, and easy like they say. So I will save this file now, redirect my traffic, and sort out a website with this file on the front page. By getting all of my money launderers over the last 50 years investigated the TFs that run the financial side of Hamas here and their networks will get flushed out. Think MASCE, MIEEE, MASME, MIET, MBCS, ACIARB.

There is no central database of trust beneficiaries or beneficial owners of trusts is the thing. Only the trust lawyers really know and they all have the same number of beneficaries as many Drs have clients. Because of the secrecy freemasonry is very popular, even mandatory, with the result that most of the 'Ndrangheta and Vory that now run the laundry industry here can be found in the local freemasons.

The 2124 masons here include Graham Leonard Spence, Ian Christopher Crosby, Hiren Arvindbhai Patel, Harold Walter Giggard, George Stodart Knocker, Vivian John Bailhache, Alexander Ewart Picot, Hedley Cecil Queree, Herbert Albert Oldridge, Thomas Jeune Pugsley, Geoffrey John Morris, and AK Hewittt. Scholefield and Clyde-Smith and Clayton, and Davidson want me dead. If they proceed with their plans there will be a certain, defined, known, and exact price. Same goes for my sister and her family.

The local constitution of masons lodges here includes Provincial Grand Lodge, Yarborough Lodge, Duke of Normandy Lodge, Royal Sussex Lodge, Loge La Cesaree, Royal Alfred Lodge, St Aubins Lodge, Prince of Wales Lodge, De Carteret Lodge, Lodge St Helier, Chapter of Harmony, Duke of Normandy Chapter, Royal Sussex Chapter, and Cesarean Mark Lodge. The loi is the loi, and the loy is the loy.

It is due diligence to study the fate of CI Swiss Banker Frederick Bise who was found in the trunk of a burning car with blunt instrument injuries to his head as recently as the credit crunch year.

If the freemasons fail to defend each other they cut each others tongues out. That way they all keep confidential about the laundry. It's like the underworld code of Omerta. If you want to shell out a couple of million to get 20 or 30 people killed by hitmen you use the Chair of the Offshore Jersey CI feemasons really who once described himself to me as very dim for some reason.

A page 186 respected insight into the world of high finance, power, aggression, and coke...

So far I have recently had 5 tyres let down, one letter from a lawyer intercepted in the post, and one security alert called on a bank account. Also someone has entered my property without my consent and nicked my copy of the Encyclopedia of Kidnappings to try and gaslight me. Telling the Police via this website is safer because so many of them are corrupted that it is not secure to approach any single officer. Hundreds of officers will read this meaning I will certainly get through to at least one non corrupt officer. It had an entry for the Kennedy kidnapping that encyclopedia. A planeload of about 100 people were kidnapped then released after a 5mn ransom and an alleged 1mn bribe to the airport. Probably something to do with a Kennedy running as an independent next year in the US President elections. My murdered elder generation here had friends in common with them in Florida. I was looking for mentions of 'Ndrangheta kidnappings but there were none believe it or not. It's the 'Ndrangheta that run laundry in places like this these days. Gaslighting someone is quite easy I think if you know what you are doing and have a strong enough motive. The '77 Rothschild legacy funds have been owing for almost 50 years now. Globally the trust funds are not repaying capital these days the web said. Something to do with 6% of banks loans being in property and China I think. Obviously with me out of the way diagnosed for life in some back ward somewhere there would be no internet to get the word out about my case or witness credibility of anything I said. The dilema they left me in was if I talk here I might get killed and if I don't talk here I am certain to get killed. I guess voting for this independent Kennedy candidate is the best family type thing for me to do. MIEEE votes count so do MASCE votes and MASME votes. For what it's worth after almost 30 years now I remember Scholefield lecturing my parents about ploughing 1/3 back into capital during the meeting for the false witness signing. I guess he is well known around the world for his 1/3 rule. They will kill Laurie Hart next I think. He was a lawyer who used to keep signing my Canada passport renewal forms to stop me finding out my Jewish gran's married name which I would have been known to obviously get by any lawyer if I had needed to get my parents marriage certificate with the then to me unknown name on for a local passport. With Laurie Hart dead there is no more witnesses to bring down Scholefield. This blog gets checked by the Police continually I have decided. The law should get to Mr Hart before Scholefield's mob.

I had been hoping my sister would recover but from our lunch on Shabbat it seems that she is now totally and permanently terrorized by Scholefield and his mob about family bankruptcy now. It is too late to hope that she will recover. Mi5/Masons/Mafia are all in the same matrix here. They are all linked up. My elder generation was murdered. So I was thinking out on a walk today maybe they are trying to terrorize me also with entering without permission to my property and nicking my copy of the Encyclopedia of Kidnappings. It might not be gaslighting. There again if you do get terrorized you often end up sectioned in a back ward somewhere anyhow so I guess the means is different but the end the same. One possibility with gaslighting you you think you are going crazy so contact a shrink, the other possibility is you get so little good sleep for fear of the Mi5/Mafia/Masons entering your property while you are in bed at night that you get ill and end up driven mad through not getting enough sleep. We are different classes Scholefield, me, and my late Dad. Scholefields old school trunk had his name written on the inside with his initial replacing a crossed out different initial. He has no conscience therefore about killing us all off, or trying to at least. Shame about my sis. I thought she would recover. Like I said if I blog here I might get killed, if I don't blog here I certainly will. I guess because he was once a bank lawyer so he counts for more though. If Drs and Engineers get killed the charge to society is worth a lot less than a bank folding and millions of people losing their savings. Same with old hacks like my sisters family. Bank security in any form rules really whether they be lawyer, guards, or bank police. Money is the G-d of our time was said once by someone.

Finally found a picture of the old farmhouse used for the Great Train Robbery. A lot of the haul will have been laundered here in Offshore Jersey CI by the Mi5/Masons/Mafia powers that be. It's a rush to finally see an authentic picture.

The best way to infiltrate the local Mi5/Masons/Mafia is by curling your middle finger back into your hand palm when you give any handshake so you will be considered a genuine freemason or so I have read in a book anyway. Degrees to research for yourselves on the web are 3rd, 33rd, and Royal Arch. Have a good, loyal, and productive November week. What will become of this widow's son? Who knows. I might get a few hours sleep now with my Mike Gatting signed cricket bat in bed with me from now on in case they come back looking for another book or to film and search the property like they have probably already done while I was away from it. I will not be afraid to play square leg breaks with them either.

It's probably safe to say now that the security risk of the quality of the narcotics supplied to Viberts by the Viberts narcotics supplier who used the Bean a lot has been resolved with the trader co-operating with the Police Psychiatrist Dr Blackwood. Even if he was approached to increase the purity of the cocaine flow into the firm to 100% because he talks to Dr Blackwood these days he is no longer in a position of influence to do so.

Interestingly enough when I applied to them the Jewish Agency for Israel said that I was the first person from Offshore Jersey CI to ever apply for Israeli immigration from Offshore Jersey CI. All I have left to do now is a DBS check and an interview.

I found a replacement Encylopedia of Kidnappings on Amazon. It should be with me in a few days for no more than one nights work so there is no harm done. The law I read up on today said that with a warrant they are alowed to enter and inspect your property and leave it at that if they can find no evidence of any crime or any mental disorder. It must have been lucky I keep the place so clean and tidy. They probably nicked the book just to remind me who is boss around these islands. It will be a useful reference for them too and cheaper for them not having to go through all of the learning work that I had to. They exploit me well. Why work and study all of your life when you can just raid someone for what you want right?

All unsold, but enough to hire a lawyer.

The two pages above are an introduction to the local laundry law practice that created the main laundry trust of mine at Barclays Private Bank going by the name of Barclaytrust at the time. The Hamas TF professionals currently in 2023 use exactly the same skills as my laundry lawyers introduced above. So if the Knesset and Mossad ask the right people the right questions my theory is they will talk, because they talk anyway, and the current 2023 Hamas TF professionals and their networks can be identified. They all know each other and each other's business. A lot of them probably do both laundry and TF work because they deploy the same skillset. Michael Birt listed above as one of the partners was Bailiff until 2015 so indicating statewide corruption at all of the highest levels. A common pic of some the typewriter oil mentioned above is shown below.

A page from a good book indicating corruption within the British Isles Police Forces being the reason I am not risking approaching any individual Police Officer here but have decided to publish to hundreds of Police Officers here in the blog on the web instead to guarantee getting through to non corrupt Police.

A supporting page from another good book indicating the pedigree of corruption within British Police Forces being the reason that I am happier communicating with non corrupt Police here on the blog on the web. Considering what is at stake I have decided that it is far too risky for me to risk approaching any single Officer.

These are measured and considered words that follow for a bit and not printed lightly. Article 3 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights reads similar to Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights. They both say that everyone has the right to life, and by that I understand the right to medication and medicine and life saving medical treatment. Article 5 of the UN Declaration reads similar to Article 3 of the ECHR. They say that no one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Last week a social worker appeared on my doorstep calling herself Pionee Corville geb Morrison from Zimbabwe saying that I am forced by law to talk to her or she will deny me use of my regular medicine, so I am since last week being forced illegally to talk to a social worker to get medicine to live, which is torture, inhuman, and degrading treatment.

Same decade as my son of a Rothschild born grandad was born you can tell from counting the number of cells in the 1885 Broadmoor general arangements above that you were x3 more likely to be admitted there if you were a man rather than if you were a woman. Go figure.

It's so freakin quiet it's unreal here now. If there is one thing worse than a war it's a freakin ceasefire I can tell you. If I had my way we would just kill 3 prisoners for every hostage of ours they kill but nobody will ever elect me for anything ever again. Last experience I had of the Qatar lot was when they bankrolled Barclays during the 2008 credit crunch and they forced me to agree to terminate my trust I had with them. Got a chance to back out after the forced meeting but for several weeks I was going to be left with six figures in an account I would have had no way of explaining. That is what I think of Qatar. Well at least it all starts up again Tuesday morning. Ciao for now. Don't say it didn't hurt.

You thought you had seen and heard it all before guys? Well you have not. The Cosa Nostra bottle got patented in 1991. A six figure patent number too. Do your own research. This is where it gets a bit weird guys. There is a society called the Societa Maggiore in the 'Ndrangheta than includes the ranks of santista of the santa who are allowed to also be freemasons and police informers. The cafe down by Scholefields office used to go by the name of the Cafe Maggiore I think if my memory serves me well. It gets screwier and screwier this place after a while. Avoid it. The two independent state witnesses 1200km apart who corroborated this evidence were Giuseppe Di Bella and Filippo Barreca. The Cafe Maggiore being recently taken over by a charity and renamed is common knowledge in St Helier Offshore Jersey CI. Coco Trovato is in prison but his business is run by his sons and brother. They are the people who can provide the details of the link between Calabria and the Offshore Jersey CI laundry 'ndrine/cartel/clan. The general idea seems to be now that I talk in confidence to the Zimbabwe social worker although obviously that is something I do not want to do. She attended the University of Kent and is regulated by Social Work England. Social workers here are completely unregulated locally. If she is anything like the Police the way it works is you get questioned and if what you say puts people away then they use that secret fact to blackmail and control you with theatening to reveal that you talked about Andy, or Heinrich, or the Cafe for example, or that your codename was Monkeyspanker, or Steaknife, or Sledgehammer or whatever it was. Carlos was the link between George and Pablo [Escobar]. Apart from laundry, cocaine is the main line of work for the 'Ndrangheta. Laundry skills are the same as Terrorism Financing skills just the other way around. Putting 3 and 3 together on all that gives the Knesset and Mossad enough leverage here to make the laundry community here yield the Hamas TF networks here. Here, here, here, as they say. Lehitraot.

Jack Hawkins in John Ford's quietly fascinating "Gideon of Scotland Yard"* Anna Massey Ronald Howard

The THREE questions the BBC NEVER asks the Palestinians

There has been another attempt on my life. Same as on my Dad which worked and same as on me which didn't work in '94. All 3 were eggshell skull attempts exploiting medically confidential weaknesses he had and I have. All 3 attempts point to the same set of legal minds behind them. Latest attempt to hit the streets is talk that I am an ex heroin user with a PhD meaning every heroin dealer on the island now has me in his crosshairs or her crosshairs. I used a lot of other peoples rolling tobacco when I was younger so there is no way I can really tell what was in my blood tests back then. We all shared each others bags of rolling tobacco all of the time. All 3 attempts point back to the same set of legal minds though. I cannot defend my life without betraying this reasonably obvious clue Chris Ok? You are on your own for a while now. They sell tobacco plant seeds on Amazon. It is now between you and G-d.

Not sure there is that much traffic going to this site now but still. In the last 3 years my mum, dad, and uncle have been murdered, my sister terrorized, and I have had my medication cancelled and been targeted by all of the island's heroin dealers all in Offshore Jersey CI Uk, apart from my late Uncle. I had complained about Barclays, RBC, and Equinox to the Jersey Financial Services Commission and the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner after filling out Form N1 at the English Law Courts and paying 90. The country has become a 'Ndrangheta mafia laundry failed state. Avoid it. All you need to know is that gram for gram and key for key cannabis in Offshore Jersey CI and heroin in Portugal buy and sell at the same rate.

A 1920 map showing all that was originally promised by the British to Israel...and the consequentially formed Irgun command...

Well, the local police made their predicted approach today in the form of one PC saying that he was a van driver and talking about his German Army surplus boots. My Enclyclopedia of Kidnappings finally arrived too. There are several motives for kidnappings. Political, financial, getting away from the law, and contolling Jews like me for the purposes of economically enriching the State, according to a widely published and read 1903 book called the Protocols of the Elders of Zion being completely anti Jewish and written about in the current issue of New Statesman. Me and my sister have been economically kidnapped by this Offshore Jersey CI laundry state for almost 50 years now. Funny old life being an adjudicator, you need to consider every angle. Did the Jerseyites all read the Protocols before deciding to kidnapp us both in 1977? Almost certainly they did and they all got rich out of their economically captive Rothschild descendants. At least the Encyclopedia got through.

Some towns for me to think about are Akka, Tiberias, Nazareth, Haifa, TelAviv, and Err Gedi. The launderers here deserve all of the heroin, cocaine, tobacco, gambling, porn, and alcohol problems they have got really. Interpol should abandon them. The local Police are closing in on me now. First the man pretending to be a van driver at the coffee shop and now one of the library plain clothes sitting quiety near the Talmud book shelf to see if I was reading any Jewish religious books today. In theory I blog about it here and they scatter. Where are we without theory right?

Well it took us a full year to get the new coffee machine at the library but it uses fresh coffee beans so the wait was worth it. Managed by external contractors now is the first sign of the last bastion of the state being taken over by the local 'Ndrangheta more than likely though. At least there is a second machine there now selling snacks also. A 40% price increase still leaves it at 20% of some coffee shop rates. The cups are paper not plastic. It all seems too good to be true but it is not as I got to look inside the machine and was shown the hopper full of fresh coffee beans. The WHO changed their mind on coffee recently and you can check your DNA genes to see if you are a fast healthy coffee metaboliser or a slow deadly one. A year does seem quite a long time though for a supposedly rich country. It's the main library branch too. Probably not newsworthy but this is not a newspaper.

I am reasonably certain that I am going to get bankrupted then killed by this island full of launderers now but it will have been worth it because word will have reached Israel about all of the likely Hamas terrorism finance cells here by then. It's just part of the price we pay for freedom. Lehitraot.


Locale of the local Ndrangheta clan

Neither LOUISE MARTHA BRACKEN-SMITH, DAVID PEARCE, John Le Masurier Germain, Nicholas Forbes Walker, Donald McKay Reid, ROGER Charles MADDOCK, William Roger King, Gordon Peter Angus, Stephen Andrew Homyard, Christopher Robert Bestaick, Richard Denis Perkins, John Maurice Hullah, nor Susan Carol Munday, wife of John Keith Davies, have replied to my recent inquiry email this 2021 asking for a meeting concerning my missing Rothschild descendant legacy assets. The stamped sealed complaint letter to the Jersey Financial Services Commission went off earlier on today. Promotions have been accounted at the group for Chris Mourant, Daniel Harrison, Vanessa Ferrira, Danielle Bowden, Mark Wernham, Katie Davey-Williams, Ana Freitas, and Mark Hucker.

Neither Anton Swemmer (*), Aynslie Colette Le Brun (*), Marcus Adam Pearce, Anthony John Quinn, Clive Phillip Le Brun Tomes, Robert Taylor, Piers Ross Coke-Wallis, Christine Leroy, nor Anrea Rombaut, are more than likely to get a source of funds reply to their two letters to my Dad as a result of my Data Protection Commissioners Office sustained complaint now.

Neither Paul James Savery, Martin Alan Scriven, Jenny Clayton (*), Ashley Stewart Cox, David Blizzard, R Bayman, Laura Bayman, FRANCESCA FREZZA, Alexander Michael Clark Hutchison, Richard Wilkinson Thomas, Adrian Keith Wood, David James Thompson, Michael Peter Farley, Richard Wilkinson, Adrian Keith, Michael Peter, Christopher Roy, Simon James, Allan Francis John, Jillian Arwen Maria, David Martin, Leslie Walter Cunliffe, Marc Anthony Pullman, nor others are very likely to hear much more information from my Dad now after my Jersey Financial Services Commission sustained complaint and them saying sorry in writing either now either.

I should reply to the Jersey Financial Services Commission about Graham Arthur Huelin (*), Susan Freeman, Lyndsay Jane Ozanne, Susan Gibaut, Lindsay Walton, Siobhan Dowdall and probably some others sooner rather than later.